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Volejte kožní ordinaci
Diagnostic centre Ostrava
Ambulance Tyršova
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Mole exam in Ostrava


Digital dermatoscope

Mole examination and early diagnosis of skin cancer.

Our facility was the first one in the Moravian-Silesian Region to be equipped with the most modern instrument used for diagnosis of the danger level of moles and early recognition of skin cancer development.

What do we do?

  • examination and treatment of skin disorders
  • swelling treatment
  • mole examination
  • corrective dermatology
  • botulinum toxin treatment
  • phototherapy
  • LED
  • medical cosmetics
  • Days of Health for companies

How does the instrument work?

Digital dermatoscope takes a picture of your mole, magnifies it up to 120x and adds a 3D information about the examined formation to the image. Specialized computer software works on the principle of image analysis and artificial intelligence of neuronal networks. Signs that are commonly unidentifiable and that are vital for more accurate diagnosis are visualized. Afterwards, this processed image is compared to almost 100.000 moles that have already been scientifically evaluated in detail (including the histological analysis under the microscope) in cooperation with 14 dermatology clinics from all over Europe.

What is the digital dermatoscope used for?

The instrument identifies and evaluates the level of risk of developing cancerous changes in the skin. This specialized examination is crucial for preventive and early detection of suspicious moles that could adversely change into cancerous. In most cases, detection of the skin cancer in early stage followed by its removal leads to the complete cure of the patient.

Mole examination

Apart from accurate and early detection of suspicious moles, the biggest advantage is the possibility of mapping that allows easy monitoring afterwards. Regular examination of the targeted suspicious moles will provide you with needed comfort and you do not need to risk unnecessary scarring caused by removal of the mole that was not required. Basic prevention against developing the skin cancer is due protection against the undesired effects of sunlight. During the mole examination, we will also determine the phototype of your skin and suggest the most appropriate sun protection products for free.

During the digital dermatoscope examination, you can get free

  • phototype examination
  • sun protection consultation

Centre of Prevention against Skin Cancer

Our dermatology clinic has obtained the prestigious certificate of the Centre of Prevention against Skin Cancer (Centrum prevence kožních nádorů). The main objective is early detection, following monitoring and treatment of skin cancer.
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What is the benefit for you?

All moles on your body are given numbers and are saved in the instrument. If you attend a preventive check-up, which is recommended once a year, we will compare the old image to the new image of your mole, and we will see all the changes accurately.

Get contribution from insurance companies to get the mole exam!

Pojišťovna VZP, ČPZP, RBP, ZPMV přispívá na toto vyšetření ve výši 500 Kč (balíček prevence rakoviny kůře).

Pojištěnci OZP neplatí za toto vyšetření vůbec.

Overview of the preventive programmes and contribution conditions of contractual health insurance companies

Contractual insurance companies Contribution Amount Notes
Všeobecná zdravotní pojišťovna (VZP), code 111
webové stránky: www.vzp.cz
Yes Max. CZK 500
  • applies to both children and adults
  • there are certain document requirements (see VZP website)
  • condition of contribution is the membership in „Klub zdraví” (the Health Club)
Oborová zdravotní pojišťovna (OZP), code 207
webpage: www.ozp.cz
Yes – we are a contractual clinic In full
  • applies to both children and adults
  • the list of contractual clinics can be found on OZP website
Zdravotní pojišťovna ministerstva vnitra ČR (ZPMV), code 211
webpage: www.zpmvcr.cz
Yes – we are a contractual clinic Up to CZK 500
  • „Karta života” (the Card of Life) is required
  • the list of contractual clinics can be found on ZPMV website
Vojenská zdravotní pojišťovna (VoZP), code 201
webpage: www.vozp.cz
YesUp to CZK 400
Česká průmyslová zdravotní pojišťovna (ČPZP), code 205
webpage: www.cpzp.cz
Yes Up to CZK 500
  • applies to children too
  • there are certain document requirements (see CPZP website)
Revírní bratrská zdravotní pojišťovna (RBP), code 213
webpage: www.rbp-zp.cz
Yes Up to CZK 500
  • applies to adults and children up to 7 years of age
Information is gathered on insurance companies’ websites, current information about the preventive programmes can be found on the websites of individual health insurance companies.

A tent against melanoma with ČPZP insurance company



Days of Health for companies

We examine pigmented moles at companies. Spare your employees’ time, we will come to you.

We repeatedly attend Days of Health that are held by companies. We use the handheld dermatoscope to evaluate the moles of your employees.

We have examined employees at:
Vítkovické slévárny, spol. s r.o.
Komerční banka
Pure JatomiFitness, Forum Nová Karolina
Contours fitness pro ženy
Smurfit Kappa Czech s.r.o.
lékárna BENU, AVION shopping park

How did the Day of Health go at ArcelorMittal

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How did the Day of Health go at BENU pharmacy, AVION shopping park

vyšetření znamének BENU

How did the Day of Health go at Smurfit Kappa Czech s.r.o.